Cities of Tomorrow Achievements

Where is the list of SimCity – Cities of Tomorrow Achievements?? I’m looking through the in-game list and don’t see them as a separate section or within the existing sections. Here’s a list of the base-game achievements: . I’m trying to search the internet for a list, but not finding anything so far! Does anyone know where to find a list of them?

I just got something like – Have 200 passengers on your Mag-Lev system.

EDIT: I just found them in their own section within the Achievements panel! I swear they weren’t there the other day. Here’s my list. There should be 27.

  • Your tomorrow,Today – complete all academy research projects in one city.
  • Captain ControllNet – transmit 5000 controlnet
  • Signal Gain – earn $50 from selling controlnet to neighboring cities
  • junior researcher – complete your first Academy research project
  • Highly paid researchers- staff the academy with 200 high wealth workers
  • Magnetic ride – have 200 maglev riders in one day
  • Potently Potable – pump 200 kgals/hr of water from sewage sanitizers
  • Reactor Kickstarter – generate 500 MW of power from a fusion power plant per hour
  • City of tomorrow – futurize 200 houses, shops, or factories in your city
  • forward unto tomorrow – futurize 100 low or medium wealth houses, shops or factories in your city
  • wealth and tech – futurize 500 high wealth houses, shops, or factories in your city
  • deluxe apartment in the sky – have a megatower with 8 apartment levels, while earning a profit from apartment levels
  • haves and have nots – have a megatower and an Elite Megatower in the same city
  • Crown Jewels – max out a regional bonus from a megatower or elite megatower
  • tower topper – ad a crown to the top of a megatower or elite megatower
  • shop til they drop – have a megatower or elite megatower with 8 mall leveles and maintain a profit from all mall levels
  • tower town – have 8 megatowers or elite megatowers, all with 8 levels
  • the office (tower) – have an elite megatower with 8 high tech office levels, while earning a profit from high tech office levels
  • city ownership -earn $25000 in OmegaCo franchise profits from neighboring cities
  • consumed – earn $10,000 in franchise profits from high wealth residential omegaCo members
  • I, Drone – manufacture 50 OmegaCo drones in a day
  • Factory Franchisees – convert 50 factories to OmegaCo franchises
  • Franchise Fun! earn $30,000 in total OmegaCo franchise profits
  • OmegaCo-Owned – Convert 100 factories, shop or houses in your city to OmegaCo franchises
  • ShopOMatic – have 100 of your city’s BuyDrones shop in neighboring cities in one day
  • automated defenses – have drones put out a fire, respond to crime and heal an injured sim, all in one city
  • Ultramegatowers – max out all 5 regional bonuses from crowns on megatowers or elite megatowers.

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