Intergalactic Growth Pod and Unidentified Fruit Object

I finally found the UFO plant and completed the Gardening collection. There are so many collectibles that require the Rocket Ship adventures, and this is one of them. Do you need to have a specific skill level in Rocket Science before you get access to the correct adventure that produces the UFO plant? Do you have to be in the Astronaut career? Do you have to answer the correct way on the adventure questions? Well, all I can say is that I kept going on adventures with Sims who were not in the astronaut career and had up to level 6 skill, and never got the UFO. But my Sim who IS in the astronaut career gained level 7 Rocket Science; only level 5 of the career; and then got the adventure of the Green Man. The correct answers to the questions are: the Jungle, Take the Weapon. You will defeat the Nega-Sim and as a reward get a UFO plant and Cowberry plant.

Intergalactic growth pod

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7 thoughts on “Intergalactic Growth Pod and Unidentified Fruit Object”

  1. I happened upon it at the Romance Festival just sitting there readu to harvest in a gardening box. It was really pretty lucky! My sim had no rocket science skills and only 2 gardening level. New sim…pretty strange. But i do have a few aliens in that area so maybe one of them planted it

  2. I found it on the romance festival. It was planted in one of the pots and I just harvested it. I guess I was lucky!

  3. For me, I got it very first time on a rocket ship. I wasnt in the astronaught career, and it was a completely different senario. My Senario was something along the lines of a alien came along and put their crates on my ship, the space police came, and i hid the crates. the alien came back, took back his crates, and gave me the fruit.

  4. right as I’m reading this my sim gets the green man adventure so thank you so much for the correct responses.

    Also my sim isn’t an astronaut (shes a double diamond agent with level 10 rocket science) so thats not a requirement woop woop.

  5. I found a UFO plant at the romance festival. Theres a bunch of flowers planted only for the festival and that was one of them. Harvest it and then its yours to replant and I only have level 4 gardening.

  6. I had the same challenge but I answered swamp and wound up with the UFO and cowplant. She’s level 9 in Astronaut field.

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