Sims 4 Tense -Watch the Fireplace Channel

One of my Sims just got a Whim to ‘Watch the Fireplace Channel’ after becoming Tense. But when I click on the TV, I don’t see that channel. Maybe this is why I can’t seem to complete the achievement of watching every TV channel and listening to every radio station! Do you have to have a fireplace to unlock this TV station, or is it a bug that it’s missing?

WatchFireplace channel

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3 thoughts on “Sims 4 Tense -Watch the Fireplace Channel”

  1. Finally had a Sim with enough handiness skill and remembered to try this. I am able to watch a nice fireplace on the TV, seems very relaxing. I wonder if there are more stations for the stereo available, and which are required to complete the “Watch all TV stations and listen to all radio stations” achievement.

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