Sims 3: Where is Riverview Neighborhood?

I saw a ‘Riverview’ neighborhood mentioned in several articles, but when I went into the New Game option of Sims 3 and looked at the neighborhoods, it only had Sunset Valley. I searched for it online and some articles said it was available when you registered for the game. But I don’t remember seeing it.  So if you never got it either, you can download it for free from The Sims 3 Store like I did. But  wait! you can’t search for Riverview in the store search feature! If you go to the Sims Help and search for Riverview there, you’ll read the information about it and find the download link.  Here’s the link to the download page (you must register your game before downloading):  Download Riverview

Beds, Sleeping, Ghosts, and Girlfriends

I found a few small annoyances today dealing with beds and sleeping.

How do you get a guest to go to bed or sleep?

There is an option to invite a friend to stay over. I assume this means stay the night. Mortimer Goth asked Bella to stay over, and at first there wasn’t a spare bed. So I bought another single bed and a double bed, since I wasn’t sure if she needed her own or had to share with Mortimer. Even though she was complaining that she was tired, she wouldn’t go to bed!  Mortimer could invite her to cuddle, but not to sleep.

How do you get a ghost off a bed?

Sometimes you can talk to ghosts, but when they’re asleep on your bed, there are no interactions! You can’t even go to buy mode and move the bed around. There was only one ghost on a double bed, and Mortimer couldn’t seem to use the bed at all!

Fishing: Aquariums and Quality Rank

Fishing seems like a great pastime and the lifetime wish of perfect aquarium sounds fun to complete. I had two questions: what is the order or rank of quality for the fish (which is probably the same for all food)? And where can I find an aquarium to hold 13 different types of fish? According to Mod The Sims, the quality ranking or degrees are:  Normal, Nice, Very Nice, Great, Excellent, Outstanding, and Perfect. There are less than normal rankings for food as well. According to Carl’s Fishing Guide, there is no large aquarium yet. So you’ll need to use multiple small fish bowls (several can fit on one table). They can hold any size fish (the fish magically shrink to fit). I definitely recommend these websites — I think I’ll use Carl’s guide to help complete my Sim’s lifetime want.

Story Progression Not Disabled Bug

If you’re wondering why unchecking the ‘Story Progression’ option doesn’t seem to work in disabling the aging and progression of other families in your neighborhood, you’re not going crazy. This is a bug and unfortunately doesn’t appear to be fixed in the version 1.3 update that came out around July 27th. The work-around is to create a shortcut to the program and add a -disablestoryprogression tag to the target. I have yet to test this out. And you’ll need to use this shortcut instead of the Sims 3 launcher, which means we may not know when an update is available unless we open the launcher every now and then.  Specific instructions for the workaround can be found here: I’m curious, do you prefer it disabled or enabled?

Sims 3 – Story Progression and Graphics

I finally decided to go ahead and buy the Sims 3. I wasn’t sure how much time I’d have to play it, or if it was really different enough from the Sims 2 to be worth it. I must say, it’s almost like a whole new game. Since the game centers around the town as a whole instead of the household, there’s always a lot more going on at once. Which makes the performance seem a little slow. Perhaps I should lower some of the graphic settings to see if that will help. But it already seems like the graphics are not as detailed as the Sims 2 unless you are zoomed in very close (and I stay a little zoomed out to see everything). An interesting concept is Story Progression. I guess it would be handy to have all your Sims friends grow up at the same time he/she does.  I tried it for a few days, but by the time I spend some time with one family, all the kids are grown up in another family, or some adults are almost elders and haven’t gotten very far in their careers. I would prefer having a chance to play each family throughout their development and guide them in what they do. So what if it means that my least favorite families are ‘left behind’ and never age. I try to make my rounds to each family. Luckily we can disable Story Progression. One disadvantage is that when you switch the ‘Active Household’, the current family loses their wishes that you’ve chosen. Not too big a deal, but when I come back to the family I’d want it to be the same as I left it. Another annoyance is how buying groceries and books work. Gone are the days where we can buy a bookshelf with all the books we’d ever need to learn skills. We have to buy each book separately based on the skill level we want to get to! And they are expensive!! And now you have to buy cooking ingredients separately based on the meals you want to make. Very annoying. Each family has a difficulty level — seems like based on the number of family members. Overall I think this game is more difficult, compared to the Sims 2. Needs may be easier to fulfill, but career progression (and therefore the lifetime wish) is so much harder. But these difficulties make the game more realistic and sophisticated (and still fun), so I won’t be switching back to the Sims 2 quite yet.