Robots or Servos Can Become Vampires!

When I visited one of my households of servos, I noticed one was smoking when she went outside. I thought she was malfunctioning or getting too hot in the sun, but it was winter. Then I saw her do a vampire move where they cower in the sun, and realized she had become a vampire. I never thought about it before, but servos can become vampires! She would stop smoking when she went in the house, even though they have windows. It only looked like her Fun need was going down, but robots only have a few needs anyway. Is the Fun need the only one affected in Robot Vampirism? I will check it out for a few more days, but then I’ll have her drink the Vamprocillin-D to get rid of the affliction. I think any advantages of Vampires over normal Sims are lost on a servo.

Do Home Businesses count towards “Own 5 Top-Level Businesses”

I did a quick search on whether home businesses count towards this lifetime want, and couldn’t find many answers. I found a pretty good discussion at about making successful businesses, and they believe home businesses count. Has anyone confirmed this? My only top-level (level 10) business so far has been a home business, but it doesn’t belong to a Sim who has the “Own 5 top-level businesses” lifetime want. But his fiancee who lives with him does have that want. I’m pretty sure home businesses can’t be transfered or sold to other Sims. I will try moving the him out and moving back in, and see if the home business transfers to his fiancee.

Bonus Items from Visiting Campus (Black Trash Bags)

I just found out that when sims visit campus, they can return with some bonus items! I knew that they went out to get pizza, but today I noticed them bringing back black garbage bags or trash bags, and didn’t see anything come out of them. I looked around the wall and found several bonus items that I hadn’t put there! Here’s the first link I found which lists some items they can bring back:

Who knows where they find this stuff? My Sims brought back a radio and were dancing to it for a while and I still didn’t realize that it was new!

The Mystery of Greek Houses

I never got interested in advancing the level of my Greek Houses in University, mostly because I didn’t really know what it involved or what the reward would be. Also I concentrate on doing well academically and not the Greek life. Below is a good link that explains how to join an existing Greek House, how to start a new House, the different levels, and information about getting Pledges (new members). It sounds like inviting a sim to be a pledge would be neat. If they accept (have a high enough relationship), you get to influence them for 14 hours without spending your influence points until they become a ful member. I guess the more friends the house has, the higher the level, which then means they can have more members. I haven’t had more than 5 members or so for one house. I guess the members don’t have to live in the Greek House, but then do their friends count towards the House friend total?

Making Fantastic Gardens

Today I found a really cool link that explains the common pitfalls of creating flowerbeds and gardens. Ever get annoyed that something prevents your sims from trimming the bushes or watering the flowers? Find out how to place edging and pavement properly (especially with the triangle flowerbeds) and how to place flowerbeds on slopes and on raised platforms. The only problem is some things require the moveobjects cheat, so you may not want to resort to that. But check it out:

The Sims 2 Seasons — Initial Review

I just got The Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack yesterday. It is like playing a whole new game, because the landscape and atmosphere change with each season. The whole yard may be covered in snow in winter, or rain puddles in spring. I haven’t played during a Summer or Autumn season yet. I loved the gardening in Sims 1, so it is great to have it again in The Sims 2. They can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, pole beans, peppers, eggplants, Orange Trees, Lemon Trees, and Apple Trees. Only tomatoes and the trees are available until you work up your Gardening talent badge. It seems that once you get the gold badge and spend a lot of time gardening, your Sim may turn into a PlantSim, which is all green in color and only has needs of Sunlight, water, and love. Check out the Sims online forums for more information. Plantsims can spawn toddler plantsims, which is neat, but they are pretty boring because they just want to play with their toys or in puddles all day (they don’t eat or sleep!)

Trouble getting Golden Anniversary

My favorite aspiration is Family, so I have gotten several Lifetime wants of Golden Anniversary. But I have never achieved one!!! I’ve read about how to achieve it and I thought I had all the requirements, but after the anniversary party, the Sims never recognize a golden anniversary or get platinum status. I have read where you should just keep trying. I have tried several times with some families to no avail. But I will try on all of my families, even if they don’t have it as a Lifetime want, to see if I can reach it. Maybe one of the sims has had an affair I don’t know about!!

Tips for Getting into Private School

Getting into private school for children and teens in The Sims 2 is quite easy, given a little time and effort. First, start increasing the cooking skill for one family member, the higher the better — at least to level 6 or so. Second, the headmaster won’t even come unless the kids are getting good grades and your family has a good amount of money. Third, make sure at least 4 rooms have a high environment score. Invite the headmaster in the morning when you’re ready, and he’ll arrive around 5. Greet him when he arrives and give him the tour of the nice rooms. Have the good cook serve a big meal such as pork chops, salmon, or even lobster, if you’re confident of your skill. Remember to click on the headmaster and call him for dinner. If you got a good enough score on the tour and had a good meal, these two things alone will get your score high enough. I usually do these things as quickly as possible to avoid a bug where the headmaster gets stuck on the lot.

Tip: Wait until all children are of school age, so you’ll only have to invite the headmaster once. Any toddlers that become children after the others are already in private school will not automatically be enrolled.

Warning – Defective Snapdragons in Sims Open for Business

Just found this out– Make sure you test your crafts before putting them out for sale. Defective snapdragons can be very hazardous to your health! Almost all of the stat bars will go down, for you, your employees, and customers! For me, my customers started wetting their pants, and I knew something was wrong. I think defective Snapdragons give off a foul-smelling green odor, while the correct Snapdragons give off a pink odor and cause a little trail of pink flowers to appear by the Sims that are near.