Cities of Tomorrow Achievements

Where is the list of SimCity – Cities of Tomorrow Achievements?? I’m looking through the in-game list and don’t see them as a separate section or within the existing sections. Here’s a list of the base-game achievements: . I’m trying to search the internet for a list, but not finding anything so far! Does anyone know where to find a list of them?

I just got something like – Have 200 passengers on your Mag-Lev system.

EDIT: I just found them in their own section within the Achievements panel! I swear they weren’t there the other day. Here’s my list. There should be 27.

  • Your tomorrow,Today – complete all academy research projects in one city.
  • Captain ControllNet – transmit 5000 controlnet
  • Signal Gain – earn $50 from selling controlnet to neighboring cities
  • junior researcher – complete your first Academy research project
  • Highly paid researchers- staff the academy with 200 high wealth workers
  • Magnetic ride – have 200 maglev riders in one day
  • Potently Potable – pump 200 kgals/hr of water from sewage sanitizers
  • Reactor Kickstarter – generate 500 MW of power from a fusion power plant per hour
  • City of tomorrow – futurize 200 houses, shops, or factories in your city
  • forward unto tomorrow – futurize 100 low or medium wealth houses, shops or factories in your city
  • wealth and tech – futurize 500 high wealth houses, shops, or factories in your city
  • deluxe apartment in the sky – have a megatower with 8 apartment levels, while earning a profit from apartment levels
  • haves and have nots – have a megatower and an Elite Megatower in the same city
  • Crown Jewels – max out a regional bonus from a megatower or elite megatower
  • tower topper – ad a crown to the top of a megatower or elite megatower
  • shop til they drop – have a megatower or elite megatower with 8 mall leveles and maintain a profit from all mall levels
  • tower town – have 8 megatowers or elite megatowers, all with 8 levels
  • the office (tower) – have an elite megatower with 8 high tech office levels, while earning a profit from high tech office levels
  • city ownership -earn $25000 in OmegaCo franchise profits from neighboring cities
  • consumed – earn $10,000 in franchise profits from high wealth residential omegaCo members
  • I, Drone – manufacture 50 OmegaCo drones in a day
  • Factory Franchisees – convert 50 factories to OmegaCo franchises
  • Franchise Fun! earn $30,000 in total OmegaCo franchise profits
  • OmegaCo-Owned – Convert 100 factories, shop or houses in your city to OmegaCo franchises
  • ShopOMatic – have 100 of your city’s BuyDrones shop in neighboring cities in one day
  • automated defenses – have drones put out a fire, respond to crime and heal an injured sim, all in one city
  • Ultramegatowers – max out all 5 regional bonuses from crowns on megatowers or elite megatowers.

SimCity -Cities Of Tomorrow!

I just bought the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack. I was hesitant to pay full price for it, thinking I wouldn’t find the new features very exciting. But since I love the SimCity base game, I bought it when EA offered it for a discounted price of $7.99 or so. I’m happily enjoying it now, and I think it provides many more hours of fun game play. It can be a challenge to produce the Omega resource for everyone, and buy enough processors to create the drones, and have enough skilled workers to generate the Academy research in order to unlock the new technology like the ground pollution scrubber! So there’s plenty of new features to explore. Here’s a screenshot of my first Mag-Lev that travels right on top of the road to ease traffic, and doesn’t take up any more room than the road does. That sounds awesome because several of my cities have some major traffic problems! MagLev-SimCity

Cat Lady Story – Part 3

When adopting Jax, Beatrice’s elder cat, we always knew her days were numbered. Beatrice was very thankful to become best friends with her before she passed. She was a great hunter and was very playful. We have lots of family members who knew Jax and were very sorrowed by the loss. I just took this pic to indicate how many death-icons appeared all at once when Jax died.

Jax died


Beatrice is also getting quite old. In fact I think her age bar is all the way filled up. So I moved in a new lady to inherit the cats when Beatrice is gone. It will take a lot of time before she becomes friends with any of them!


Cat Lady Story – Post 2

As we continue our story, Beatrice and her cats are doing great. She’s playing with each one to become friends. It’s hard at first, if she tries to pet them too soon, they’ll reject the interaction and their relationship degrades slightly. But by talking to them and playing, they slowly become friends. I realized that to start out the cat’s training skill, they have to first practice hunting with one of the cat toys from the toy crate. But after they gain 1 skill level, they can go outside to stalk prey. Soon Beatrice can command them to go hunting. I think at level 5, she can command them to go hunting for something specific (turtle, beetle, bird, etc). I haven’t gotten much higher than level 5 or 6 so far.

Beatrice loves to use the laser pointer to play with the cats. Was it the laser pointer or the fireplace that caught Beatrice on fire??

cat playing on fire

You can also see a stray dog that’s visiting on the left, and a sleepy cat in the corner. The fire department had to be called, because the smoke alarm must have been too far away to detect the fire! It was in the same room though.

Check out next post when we’ll have a death in the family! 🙁


Cat Lady Story – post 1

I’ve taken several screenshots of my Cat Lady family. The goal is to train the cats to hunt as much as possible, so they gain a very high hunting skill. I started with Beatrice Crumplebottom (a witch) so she can get the added benefit of the ‘animal familiar’ moodlet. I adopted several cats, (one elder, a few adults, and a few kittens). Two of the cats became great friends and had a litter of 2 kittens! How cute. Unfortunately I didn’t take screenshots of those. Maybe I’ll make stories more often and take screenshots, but usually I only take some of very unusual events.

I know we’re adopting a lot of kittens and getting to be a large family, but that doesn’t mean we can adopt stray horses! How did this wild horse get in the house?!

horse in the house

Some of the cats are friends. Beatrice lets them jump up on the counter and table. Here are two of them on the same table!

cats on the table

Well, that’s all for now. Check out my upcoming posts where there’ll be a fire! and other life-changing events!

I’m back!! -Who is this Waiter for Food Synthesizer?

Well, I hadn’t played the Sims in a while, and just recently started up again. I usually just try to complete the goals/achievements, but lately I’ve hit a impasse. So I started re-playing a few features. One I call “Cat Lady” – I realized I’ve taken several screenshots of that so I’ll make it into a series of posts! The next I’m playing is the firefighter profession. To get started quickly, I try to find an existing family that has the right characteristics I’m looking for. I found one with Chelsea Gateway and her Plumbot Gladys. They didn’t get along, so I moved Gladys out. Chelsea is Brave and Athletic so she should make a great firefighter. She joined the profession, and I spent quite a while fixing up the neighborhood fire station (Moonlight Falls). I removed the garage doors and cars, added the futuristic bed that only takes a few hours to get full energy, and other improvements to kitchen and bath. I added the food synthesizer that came with Into the Future. Then when she went to work, there was a waiter (waitress) there! I guess if the synthesizer is on a community lot you can order your food from the waiter?? Isn’t it easy enough to order food from the synthesizer? I guess it can backfire if you don’t have enough advanced technology skill, but it still seems pretty self-serve to me!

SimCity Glitches -Garbage Truck Stuck Off Road

Ok I’ve heard that there’s a lot of glitches in the new SimCity. For instance, I really wish their algorithms for ambulance, garbage truck, and fire truck routes were better. I think related to those routes is a bug where the vehicles just seem to stop doing their routes at all. I just noticed my garbage was not being picked up. I only have 4 trucks and over 5000 cans of garbage, so I need to add more. BUT after doing some road remodeling I had noticed a truck stuck off road. I thought it would be removed automatically, but it hasn’t in a long time. I just demolished the garbage truck garages but it’s still there 🙁 I guess I’ll just add the garages back and hope this one is just an extra (and I don’t have to pay for it!).

Off Roading!
Off Roading!

Sims 3 Into the Future – Dig Rainbow Knoll

I’ve been playing Into the Future for a while now, and got the Utopia future world. I see the pretty colorful trees, huge flowers that you can harvest dew, but I heard there’s buried treasure somewhere. I started looking around but didn’t really know what to look for. Then, my Sim Dante got a wish to “Dig Rainbow Knoll” and I see a little picture of a dirt mound. It says something about buried treasure and dig up a suspiciously loose dirt mound. I still didn’t see anything around the town that looked like the picture in the wish, so I did some Google searching to see what it looks like. I found an article that briefly mentioned it and shows a picture of a rainbow leading toward a dirt mound. Finally I found one! Here’s some shots. It’s by a residential household in the mountain area. Hope it helps!

Rainbow Knoll location
Rainbow Knoll location
Rainbow Knoll close-up
Rainbow Knoll close-up

Completing Badge- Have 15 Children/ 30 Grandchildren

I decided to try working on one of the base Sims 3 game badges a few days ago, Get a Sim to have 15 Children and Get a Sim to Have 30 Grandchildren. I thought, since a household has an 8-Sim limit, surely these two badges are the exception to the rule that you need to stay playing the same household in the town to register the badge! Sure, you can use the edit town to move out the children sims, but then how do you get each of 15 children to find a partner and have grandchildren without moving them out and playing separate households??

Well, I guess I found out the hard way when my McElley couple finally had their 15th child – I didn’t use any adoptions because I was afraid it wouldn’t count– and the next time I went into that family, no badge appeared. Very disappointing since I have separate families now for about 7 of the children – each found a spouse and started having children. I was up to about 7 grandchildren with 3 more on the way! But I kept switching to each new household.

I did a quick internet search and found this nice page on to tell you how others have completed some difficult badges. It does give a warning that you have to stay on the same household throughout completion. You can still do it without cheating technically, but there are some techniques that are almost required unless you want to spend a really long time.

Here are my tips:

  • Due to the 8-Sim limit in a household, you’ll need to use Edit Town mode to split up your household and move the oldest children out. But only move a child out once they have (at least) 2 children.
  • Adopting children seems to work just as well as having them naturally, so you might as well use that to your advantage and adopt. I guess you don’t even need to start with a couple, just a single parent.
  • The cycle would be: adopt a child, age them up to Young Adult, have them adopt 2 children, then move that ‘family’ out. Continue to adopt the next child.
  • Techniques on aging up:
    • I immediately set my game options to  make baby, toddler, child, and teen stages take only 2 days. Since I was having babies naturally, this still took a long time to get to Young adult though! If you adopt you can skip baby and toddler stage.
    • Buy the birthday cake to age up a child immediately. *Note: The birthday cakes do go bad, so you’ll need to buy them just when you need them. It might save some time to have the grocery store close to your house. It can be annoying especially if it’s on another island in Island Paradiso. I just added a new store closer to the house.

Not as much Woo-Hoo-ing going on with this technique though!

Edit: I tried this approach using only adoption rather than natural births. I got the 15 children badge but not the 30 grandchildren! I wonder what happened! 🙁 I went on to 31 grandchildren and I’ll see if a few more will trigger it. Each child had just 2 children.

Where do you find Harvestable Kelp?

Mermaids’ favorite food is Kelp, which satisfies much more hunger than even raw fish or human food. But buying from the grocery store can be expensive! You can harvest it from underwater plants, but where? When you’re a mermaid, you have level 10 diving skill so can go to any dive spot. I found some here at the cave at Pearl’s Deep. They are the small light-green plants (3 pictured below).

Harvestable Kelp
Harvestable Kelp


Each one can be harvested repeatedly, and you get 3-4 kelp with each pick! A great way to collect a good supply.